“TransVector” provides the service for transportation of perishable goods in refrigerated

containers and insulated wagons, both in single shipments and as part of block trains.

Consolidation of perishable products in warehouses with refrigeration equipment is carried

out both on its own (export of products from the specified location) and by means of the client (optional).

Available routes:

  • Sergeli station (Tashkent) – Selyatino terminal (Moscow region), and in the opposite direction.
  • Delivery time – up to 5 days (as part of a block train).
  • Shipment – 1 time per week.
  • “Green” (simplified) veterinary and phytosanitary corridor.
  • Unloading of containers at a temperature warehouse in Selyatino, with further delivery "to the door" of the recipient.
  • Speedy loading of containers with new cargo for the shipment in the opposite direction.

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Тел: +998 95 130 00 13

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